Samantha Schubert was a mother, wife, actress, model, dancer, producer and great friend.

A successful model in Malaysia in the early 90s, Sam's career encompassed numerous print campaigns, TV commercials and the triumphant win of the Miss Malaysia / World 1991 crown.She also took over the Malaysian stage, performing in plays such as Scorpion Orchid, 4:48 Psychosis, The Good Body, Natrah and The Vagina Monologues, to name a few.

In 2002, she married Oliver Knott and the 2 of them put their heads together to write /act / co-produce / direct 'The Red Kebaya' in 2006. That role won her the Best Female Villain award in 2007 at Malaysia's own Film Festival.Between the 2 of them, they also created more triumphs; their 3 children - Jodie Pearl, Harry & Tom, whom she loved so fiercely.

This website is dedicated to them - Sammy's shining stars.

  • Your infectious laughter is present no more, The glisten in your eyes that light up the sky, Your presence which fills up all our lives, The pure joy of waves that fills our hearts.

    Joyce Lim
  • Samantha Schubert was a name I held in awe from a distance for the longest time.

    Junji Delfino
  • She is one person as she has one heart & what a mighty heart it is.

    Dawn Cheong
  • There is a diamond substance to Sam that always shines through.

    Asha Gill
  • What drew me most to Sammie is her warmth and big bright aura.

    Chelsia Ng
  • She was always the epitome of grace and sophistication…

    Ellynita Hazlina Lamin
  • Samantha is one of the most inspiring & beautiful persons I know

    Jo B
  • The first thing that struck me about Sam was her down to earth sense & genuine presence

    Steph Van Driesen
  • She’s a solid block of light in the wayward world that you’re drawn to, want to hold on to.

    Maya Tan
  • We love you Sam

    Joyce Lim